Garden Man
Garden Man
Garden Man

Garden Man

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Garden Man - The Garden Man is a cast concrete ornamental sculpture suitable for hanging on a shed, patio, fence or placed in your garden. The Garden Man is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth and represents the cycle of growth each spring.  According to tradition he blesses your garden with prosperity.   We send along a copy of that blessing.  It is hand painted with a combination of colors.  They all have some metallic highlights and are sealed with a concrete sealer to make them impervious to the weather. He measures approximately 12.5" x 7.5" and comes with a wire loop on the back for hanging.

The Garden Man Blessing
I saw you in the forest, 
Your eyes so deep and green. 
I saw you in the fields, 
Dancing there unseen. 
I heard your breath of life, 
As you tickled leaf and blade. 
I wondered at your rippling skin, 
Of amber, gold and jade. 
I banish smog and poisons,  
As I bring you into my life.  
I release all pain and suffering, 
I refuse to live in strife. 
Your gifts of joy and bounty, 
Are welcomed in this place. 
Pray bring blessings to each season, 
And to this sacred space.